Multifamily ADU Plan

2BD, 1.75BA | 600 SQFT (Each Unit)

A Duplex Retreat

Plans: $9,490

Construction Costs: $350,000

Presenting the Duplex Retreat ADU, an intelligently designed Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) plan from CALI ADU that offers a powerful combination of modern simplicity, economic construction, and excellent return on investment potential. This plan features two side-by-side units, each with 2 bedrooms and 1.75 bathrooms, striking a perfect balance between contemporary aesthetics and functional design.

The Duplex Retreat has been masterfully crafted to emphasize simplicity, both in terms of style and construction. Its modern yet understated design aesthetic, featuring clean lines and open spaces, blends seamlessly into a variety of landscapes. The focus on easy-to-build design elements ensures an economical and hassle-free construction process, making this an affordable option for investors looking to maximize their property's potential.

The highlight of this ADU plan lies in its impressive versatility and earning potential. Each unit can serve as an independent living space, perfect for rental purposes. As demand for rental properties continues to grow, the Duplex Retreat offers you a unique opportunity to generate a substantial return on investment. The two-bedroom layout of each unit makes them desirable for small families, couples, or professionals seeking a comfortable living space.

Investing in the Duplex Retreat by CALI ADU is more than just buying a plan; it's a strategic investment in your property's future earning potential. This ADU plan encapsulates the idea that smart, simple design can not only create beautiful spaces but also contribute significantly to financial growth.

Explore the limitless potential of the Duplex Retreat by CALI ADU, and tap into the profitable world of rental properties with a high ROI ADU, elegantly designed and easy to build. Capitalize on this unique opportunity and take a leap into the future of property investment, one profitable ADU at a time!

Farmhouse ADU Plan - Front Entrance
Farmhouse ADU Plan - Side Yard
Farmhouse ADU Plan Living
Farmhouse ADU Plan Living Room
Farmhouse ADU Plan Kitchen
Farmhouse ADU Plan Bathroom