Spanish Style Garage Conversion ADU

Existing Garage to Spanish Bungalow Conversion

Spanish Style Garage Conversion

Plans: $6,490

Est. Constructon Cost: $155,000

This adorable Spanish Style Garage Conversion ADU is perfect as a guest home or small rental apartment.

Spanish style homes were extremely popular in Los Angeles during the 1920's and 1930's, and we get requests all the time to convert the original detached garages into small Spanish Bungalows

And boy are they beautiful when designed right.

This particular floor plan features a pair of French Doors that are installed in place of the original garage door, and a small efficiency kitchen for use by overnight guests.

The luxurious bathroom and walk-in closet was added via an addition to the back of the existing garage, so the Living Room/Bedroom could be more spacious and open.

The final design is a beautiful, spacious studio apartment that is perfect as a Guest Suite, Long Term Rental, Home Office, or Granny Flat.