2-Story ADU with Attached Garage

3BD, 2BA | 1,200 SQFT + 400 SQFT Garage/Workshop

Historic Preservation Overlay Zone (HPOZ)

Plans: $12,990

Construction Costs: $400,000

This 2-story ADU with attached garage was designed and built for a young professional couple with two small children at home.

The couples existing 2bd/1ba home no longer meet their needs so they hired us to design and build a 3bd/2ba unit that maximized their livable space.

The ADU boasts a modern floor plan with three well-appointed bedrooms and two bathrooms, ensuring ample space for the family. Special features include a full-size chef's kitchen and smart home technology. The Spanish Eclectic architectural style complements the main house, maintaining the historic aesthetic while adding contemporary touches.

The couple is thrilled with their new ADU. Moving in has provided them with much-needed space and modern amenities, and renting out their original home has provided steady rental income.

With our expertise, this young family's ADU project has transformed their lives by almost doubling the amount of living space, blending historic charm with modern convenience, and providing a practical solution to their growing family's needs.

2-Story ADU - Front Entrance
2-Story ADU - Side Entrance Entrance
2-Story ADU - Breakfast Bar
2-Story ADU - Living Room
2-Story ADU - Wrought Iron Stairs
2-Story ADU - Family Room
2-Story ADU - Master Bedroom
2-Story ADU - Master Bathroom
2-Story ADU - Hallway
2-Story ADU - Floor Plan