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Know exactly what and where you can build your new Guest Home or Granny Flat. We will help you determine what type of ADU best fits your lifestyle and budget, and even prepare a detailed construction budget for your ADU.


We have a wonderful team of Architects and Designers who understand the ADU ordinance and design beautiful, efficient homes. We will meet with you to discuss your new ADU design and make your design ideas come to life.


Leave the approvals and permits up to us - the professionals. Our designers can match your existing home style, or can create an all new ADU design based on the style you like.

Get your plans approved through the City of Los Angeles, City of Beverly Hills, City of West Hollywood, and many others throughout Los Angeles County.


Let's face it, construction projects can be a pain in the neck. Don't you wish you had an ADU builder that would guarantee the price and time line for your new ADU?

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New ADU Laws - Effective January 1st, 2020

Los Angeles ADU Ordinance 2020

Lawmakers in California enacted a series of new ADU ordinances that virtually kill single family zoning throughout Los Angeles. Some of the highlights of these ordinances include...

  • AB 68 - This ADU ordinance requires the City of LA to either approve or deny an ADU project within 60 days of receiving a completed ADU application. Cities and municipalities can't drag their feet and make you wait for permits anymore.
  • SB 13 - Eliminates the requirement that the ADU or the primary dwelling be "owner-occupied". This means you can rent both the ADU and the primary residence and hold the property as an investment. This ordinance also states that agencies cannot impose an impact fee on ADUs smaller than 750 sqft, which will save thousands of dollars in many cities.
  • AB 670 - HOA Limitations - This ordinance makes in unlawful for HOAs to "prohibit or unreasonably restrict" the construction of ADUs on single family zoned lots. HOAs can no long get in the way of homeowners building ADUs in their backyards.
It has never been a better time to design and build a new ADU or Granny flat in the City of Los Angeles. Due to the severe housing shortage the State of California is practically begging homeowners to build Guest Homes that they will rent out or use for aging family members, etc. If you would like to discuss your property to determine what type of ADU can be built, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

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