Spanish Bungalow Garage Conversion ADU

1 BD, 3/4 BA | 470 SQFT

The Perfect Addition to a Traditional Spanish Bungalow in LA.

Plans: $7,490

Construction Costs: $175,000

This handsome Spanish Bungalow started life as a detached 2-car garage that was originally built in 1932.

The owners (a growing family and only limited space available in their 3bd/2ba main house) originally reached out to us for help in converting their garage into a studio apartment.

Although they wanted a one-bedroom ADU, they didn't want to lose any of their valuable backyard to make way for the small addition required to convert the garage into a true one-bedroom home.

We listened to their desires and designed the perfect solution to add the extra bedroom they needed while maintaining the backyard as-is.

The solution was to design an addition that extended forward and attached to the existing home. A breezeway was added to separate the main house from the ADU and maintain access from the driveway into the backyard.

The result is a brand new ADU that looks like it is part of the home's original design.!

Front entrance of a Spanish Style Garage Conversion ADU
Spanish Bungalow Garage Conversion ADU
Flip up window
Kitchen in a Spanish Style ADU
Living Room in Spanish Style ADU
Great Room in a Spanish Style ADU
Bathroom in a Spanish Style ADU
Spanish Style ADU - Floor Plan