Northridge ADU

1BD, 1BA | 500 SQFT

A Granny Flat for Grandma and Grandpa

Plans: $7,490

Construction Costs: $205,000

This Detached Granny Flat has all the modern amenities of a full size home.

The owners (a married couple with a young daughter at home) reached out to us because they needed more space to accomodate their parents which were moving from out-of-state.

They had purchased a lovely ranch style home several years ago, but adding two grandparents to the existing space wasn't going to work long-term.

The bedrooms were all full, and the only options available to accomodate two more adults was to move to a larger home, add a bedroom addition, or build a seperate detached ADU.

After a long deliberation the family decided to add a new 500 sqft ADU to the backyard to be used as a Granny Flat. The modest ADU would be a fully contained tiny home which would give the grandparents privacy, while allowing them to remain close to loved ones.

The small ADU has all the full-size conviniences of a much larger home. A large kitchen with quartz countertops and full size appliances, a luxury bathroom with custom tile work, and a bedroom large enough to fit a King size bed.

We think the ADU turned out great and the new residents are ecstatic to have their own space while remaining close to their grandchild.

500 SQFT Detached ADU - Exterior
500 SQFT Detached ADU - Front Exterior
500 SQFT Detached ADU - Kitchen
500 SQFT Detached ADU - Kitchen Window
500 SQFT Detached ADU - Main Room
500 SQFT Detached ADU - Living Room
500 SQFT Detached ADU - Bathroom
500 SQFT Detached ADU - Shower