You get a custom floor plan tailored specifically to your lifestyle.


Design and plan approval for one flat-fee price.


You'll love the design and we'll get it approved. Guaranteed!

ADU Garage Conversions. Simplified.

Plan + Permit Packages

We're on a mission to increase your property value, add more space to your home, and create a backyard that serves your family.

Sample Garage ADU Plans

Designed and Permitted by CALI ADU

Traditional Garage Conversion ADU

Spanish Garage Conversion ADU

Modern Garage Conversion ADU

Our "Perfect ADU For You" Process

Designing the Perfect Garage Conversion ADU


Free 30-Minute Consultation

We offer a free initial consultation and preliminary feasibility study to make sure your property is eligible for a garage conversion, and to answer any questions you have regarding planning, designing, and building a garage conversion ADU.


ADU Design

Our ADU Designers are experts in the ADU laws and California building codes, and focus solely on designing beautiful small homes. We work collaboratively with you to make sure your new ADU design meets all your lifestyle needs.


ADU Construction Documents

Once we complete the design and you are 100% satisfied with your new ADU plans, we set out creating the construction documents (i.e. - blueprints) the building department requires to issue the building permit. This is where we add all the construction details and building code requirements and create a set of construction documents which will be used to build you new ADU.


Permit Approvals

We handle all the permit approval paperwork and expedite your project through the local building department. We processed over 50 garage conversion ADUs in 2021 and have the knowledge and experience needed to get your project permitted and approved.


Simple & Transparent



Perfect if you want to add an addition to your garage during the conversion process.

Add an extra bedroom or larger living area.


All Plans Include...

Detailed Site Plan
Floor Plan
Building Elevations & Sections
Door & Window Schedule
Foundation & Framing Plans
Plumbing & Electrical Plans
Construction Notes & Details
Title 24 Energy Calculations
100% Plan Approval Guarantee

We also work with ADU construction consultants such as Structural Engineers, Surveyors, and Soils Engineers to address any property specific requirements. These consultants may or may not be needed depending on your property and the type of ADU.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Zero Risk ADU Plans

100% ADU Plan Guarantee

Our garage conversion plans and permit packages are zero risk. If you don't love the design or we can't get you ADU approved, we'll give you a 100% refund.

Guarantee #1 - The "Love It or Leave It" 100% Money Back Design Guarantee.

If you don't absolutely love the design and floor plan of your new ADU, just let us know, and we'll refund you every dollar you've paid. No questions asked and no hard feelings.

Assuming you love your new ADU design (and we're sure you will), we move forward with creating all the technical construction documents needed to obtain a building permit. That is where our 2nd 100% money back guarantee kicks in.

Guarantee #2 - Permit Approval 100% Money Back Guarantee

We are ADU experts and know what is allowed, and what is not, with the ADU laws and building codes. We're 100% confident our designs and plans will pass all required plan checks. If they don't pass, we will refund every dollar you have paid including all design fees and City/County plan check fees.

Pretty incredible, right? We offer these two guarantees because we understand the ADU process and know what it takes to get an ADU approved. We don't waste time and money designing and planning projects that wont be approved.